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The Ultimate Guide to Muay Thai Shorts
In this ultimate buying guide, we will explore the essential factors to consider when purchasing Muay Thai shorts. We will delve into the importance of material and fabric, understanding different styles and cuts, decoding the significance of colors and designs, knowing the right size for a perfect fit, top brands to consider for qualit
Muay Thai For Beginners – How To Succeed
Even if you’ve had previous experience with another combat or full contact sport, the intensity and full body workouts that you get when training Muay Thai can come as a surprise. That’s why it’s important to approach learning Muay Thai with the right mindset and take advantage of our tips on how to succeed.
What Is Primo Fightwear?
Founded in 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand - the Mecca of Muay Thai - Primo Fightwear has quickly established itself as a global player in the Muay Thai space. Their designs and craftsmanship push the boundaries of style and material selection for Muay Thai gear, resulting in products that are bold, durable and often unique.
5 Ways To Use The Teep
The teep is arguably the most effective and diverse weapon in Muay Thai. It has the longest range and can be used in a wide range of angles and power levels. Like the jab in Boxing, mastering the teep is...
5 Examples Of Purposeful Practice In Muay Thai
We explored what purposeful practice in an earlier blog article, discussing how it differs from “normal” practice and how it can help develop your Muay Thai skills quickly and consistently. The concept itself can be easy to understand, yet when you first try to think of ways you can purposefully practice, it can be challenging.
5 Ways To Diversify Muay Thai Training For Consistent Learning
After a while of regular training, it's likely you'll hit some sort of plateau which will frustrate you, make you question your level of passion for the sport and have you searching for ways to make it exciting again. This is common with any sport or hobby and you'll need to evaluate whether it's a genuine disinterest and not just a “wall”.
10 Tips To Maximise Your Sparring
Sparring can be some of the most enjoyable and informative parts of your training, yet it can also be the most stressful and painful. For beginners it can be incredibly intimidating and even the most veteran fighter can feel pressured when sparring at a new gym.  Nonetheless, sparring is essential for developing your Muay Thai skills, reaction times, conditioning and tactical thinking.
Achieve Your Fitness Goals: Can You Get Fit with Muay Thai?
Muay Thai is as effective for keeping fit as it is a striking discipline. In a 2 hour session, you can easily burn anywhere between 1000 – 2000 calories, if not more. That's equivalent to 2 hours running at 8-10mpg or 2 hours cycling at 20mph.
Enhance Your Mental Wellbeing With Muay Thai
People are increasingly conscious of the integral role mental wellbeing takes in our individual lives, and rightly so – it is estimated that 1 in 6 people experienced some sort of mental health problem in any given week. No longer is mental wellbeing the taboo topic it once was but is now an increasing focus amongst healthcare institutes, government policy and employers too.
Foot Troubles From Muay Thai Training - Muay Thailand
Training Muay Thai is tough on the feet, despite the fact we land kicks with our shins. The constant movement, pivoting and footwork generates friction which can result in blisters, sprains and cuts.
5 Tips for Increasing Flexibility
A fundamental route to unlocking the full potential of your rotations, power and speed in Muay Thai is by building a high-degree of flexibility throughout your body. Developing the ability to quickly move your limbs through a wide-degree of rotations without strain or injury, will significantly contribute to you're overall effectiveness in Muay Thai.
How To Pick The Right Muay Thai Shorts
Muay Thai shorts are incredibly distinct and, besides kickboxing, are rarely seen in any other sport or martial art setting. They are specifically designed for Muay Thai practitioners and are built with materials that enable ventilation, comfort and heat dissipation....
What is Purposeful Practice and How to Do It
What then, makes practice purposeful? The difference is the approach as purposeful practice is focused and designed with attaining a specific goal that will improve overall performance, one step at a time. It’s kicking a heavy bag 50, 100, 1000 times until you rotate your hips the “right” amount.
What NOT To Do At A New Muay Thai Gym
Joining a new gym, whether you're new to Muay Thai or a veteran, can be an intimidating experience. The new sights and sounds are the background to new faces, new coaching staff and new session layouts. It can be a lot to take in and adjust to. Your approach to that adjustment and your attitude to your new peers will influence the speed and ease at which you'll get comfortable at the new gym and start learning there.
5 Ways to Accelerate Your Muay Thai Learning
Whether you're just starting out in Muay Thai or are a well experienced veteran, there are always new things to learn, things to tweak, new approaches to adopt. Having a mentality of continuous life-long learning is integral to martial arts, your career and getting the most out of life.
How to Train Muay Thai Skills Outside the Gym
Practicing Muay Thai is best done in a well-equipped gym with knowledgeable coaches and enthusiastic partners. However, that doesn’t mean your learning is restricted to a gym setting. There’s various ways to diversify and accelerate your learning of the sport in the comfort of your home, while commuting or in a public park. 
A Brief History of Muay Thai
Modern Muay Thai has evolved from its historical Muay Boran roots, where it was used in battles when soldiers lost their weapons, to a regulated, rules based ring sport. Muay Thai is Thailand’s most famous culutural export and, nowadays, is known throughout the world for its beauty and brutality.
5 Ways to Improve Your Shadow Boxing
Shadow boxing is a fundamental part of Muay Thai training. To the uninitiated observer, it can look odd and some may consider it a time-filler, however, in actuality, it's a key part of training which enables practitioners to visualise, experiment, refine and warm-up.
Breaking Yourself In – 8 Common Muay Thai Injuries
  Training Muay Thai is as physically and mentally rewarding as it is tough on the body and mind. Being a contact sport, you’re regularly striking pads, people or bags and therefore exposing yourself to causing damage to yourself and...
How to Stop Flinching In Muay Thai
When you first start out in any full-contact martial art, it's difficult to embrace strikes coming your way without flinching, moving and/or blinking. It's a natural human tendency to want to avoid pain and be hesitant in the face of incoming strikes. Given the frequency of sparring and drilling in Muay Thai training, it's important to condition your mind and body to incoming strikes so you can make the most of such training methods.
Muay Thai Equipment Guide For Committed Practitioners
This guide assumes you're committed to learning and enjoying Muay Thai and seek advice on what gear you need to get the most out of all your training, along with what equipment you'll need to mitigate and treat injuries.