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Muay Thai Equipment Guide For Beginners
This article provides guidance based on the assumption that you're either new to Muay Thai and aren't yet sure whether its the sport for you OR you enjoy training Muay Thai but only do so infrequently, with a focus on the fitness aspects without engaging too heavily in sparring.
5 Different Approaches To Use In Sparring
There are some stylistic approaches you can adopt in your sparring sessions which will broaden your experience and help develop your learning in this way. They'll also force you to think creatively and help you diversify your arsenal. Try them on different sparring partners and adopt the approach which fits into what you're looking to learn/achieve in that sparring session.
How to Gain Respect at a New Gym
Whether your new to Muay Thai or a well-seasoned veteran, going to train at a new gym can be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience at first. Unless your name, skills and experience precede you, it's likely you'll not know many people, if any, and you'll be walking into an environment filled with testosterone, sweat, bravado and even ego.
How to Look After Your Hands and Wrists In Muay Thai
Your hands and wrists form 2 of the key limbs used in the Art of 8 Limbs. Not only are they integral to effective boxing, they're also crucial components of your blocking and clinching capabilities. Unfortunately, your hands and wrists are two areas in your body made up of numerous, individual bones.
Choosing The Right Muay Thai Gym
Whether you're new to Muay Thai or looking for a gym to develop new & existing skills, training in the right gym is key to getting the most out of your time & effort. What's right for you will depend on a variety of factors but it's worth first thinking about your goals and how quickly you want to achieve them. For exa
9 Reasons to Train Muay Thai
While Muay Thai is widely considered the most effective striking discipline in the world, its reputation often deters many people from practising the sport as they consider it too brutal or likely to involve too much pain. While there is some justification in this, much of the pain arising from contact can be avoided and the benefits Muay Thai brings even the average practitioner are worthwhile and varied.
How to Clean Your Muay Thai Gear
Over time, all that hard work you put into your Muay Thai training rubs off onto the gear you use. While the materials will weather over a longer period, in the short term it’s easier to notice the transfer of all the various bodily fluids you secrete during training and all the dirt that accumulates on you and your gear from the gym. To maintain your gear, increase its life and keep any pungent odours at bay, you need to clean it thoroughly and frequently.
How to Clean Muay Thai Gloves
Your gloves can be a continuous source of pungent odours if you don't take the time to prevent odours building up and rid your gloves of odours when they do arise. Fortunately, it doesn't take a lot of time and there are plenty of methods to help keep your gloves clean and fresh.