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The popularity of Muay Thai is growing rapidly across the world.

Muay Thailand is on a mission to accelerate this growth and make Muay Thai a definitive sport of the 21st century. By centralising all things Muay Thai in an online hub, we provide everyone (from experienced practitioners to curious newcomers) the opportunity to appreciate and maximise the mental and physical benefits of the sport.

The Muay Thai gear we offer is sourced from a range of combat sports focused brands, known for their high-quality craftsmanship, unique designs and innovative creations. So, whether you are looking to invest in the best gear, get inspiration for new techniques or find a public/university gym you can find it here at Muay Thailand.


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Blog Contributors

Alex Morris

I've been training Muay Thai for over a decade, having started while at University in London. The complexity and power of Muay Thai was an instant appeal and something I had never experienced in other sports before. Although I competed regularly at university, after graduation I decided to focus on a sales career and other exploits. So I nowadays I just train and watch Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is a huge passion of mine and I've trained across the UK, in Phuket, Thailand and Dallas, Texas. With my writing, I try to express what I've learnt over the years from personal experience, high-quality coaches, fighters, research and a commitment to life-long learning.