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    In addition to equipment and apparel, there's a range of Muay Thai accessories that should be in everyone's kit bag. Skipping ropes, hand wraps, anklets and oils all help maximise performance in training and minimise the risk of injury. Our range of accessories includes the staples from the world's best brands.

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    12 products

    Muay Thai Accessories FAQs

    Pungent and world famous, Namman Muay Thai oil is a liniment designed to aid warm-up and recovery. If you go into any reputable Muay Thai gym across the globe, you're likely to smell this sweet nectar.

    Thanks to its rich heating properties, liberally rubbing the oil into your muscles before a class will help accelerate your warm up and loosen your muscles. It's often used in pre-fight massages too.

    After training, it can help recovery on sore muscles when applied regularly.

    Muay Thai ankle guards, or anklets, help support ankle joints and bones. Their compression materials help improve blood flow. As a result, they reduce the chances of your ankle rolling and the overall risk of injury.

    Muay Thai skipping ropes look almost identical to any other skipping rope, except speed ropes. However, they are specifically designed to help build shoulder and arm endurance thanks to their added weight. Typically, the rope is heavier and thicker than other skipping ropes. Handles are either wood or thick plastic. This combination makes for a very robust skipping rope.

    Muay Thai protection and apparel are more important than accessories. However, it's a good idea to have at least your own skipping rope. If you're not put off by the pungent scent, a bottle of Muay Thai oil is always a good addition.

    Not everyone needs ankle guards, however, you should have a pair if you're struggling with movement or have weak ankles.