Muay Thai Shin Guards


    Muay Thai shinguards, or shin pads/shin protectors, are specifically designed to protect the front of your legs and top of your feet through all types of Muay Thai training. Primarily used for drill work and sparring, they help reduce risk of injury to you and your partner thanks to their padding.

    Although they all serve the same purpose, they don't all come in the same shape or fit. Some hug tight around the shin and calves, while others flair out. Some are embossed with a raised section of padding; others are flat all over. While these features can impact comfort and movement, it’s worth noting that all high quality leather shinguards are built to maximise protection. So what's best for you typically comes down to your personal style preference and how you like the shin guards to feel when secured to your legs.

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    17 products

    Muay Thai Shin Guards FAQs

    In a word - snuggly. They are designed to maximise movement through Muay Thai sparring and drill-work. Yet they are also meant to maximise protection for you and your partners. So they need a degree of flex but they should be secure enough to stay put. Ensuring the foot and heel straps are tight, as well as the hook-and-loop enclosures, is key.

    Check the individual size guides for each model and brand to be sure of the best size.

    There are two things to consider - size and fit. These are primary as they directly impact the comfort and your ability to perform. Then you should consider style and colours. Not all shin guards are shaped the same, so size and the way they sit on your shins and feet differ. Always check the size guides of the individual shin guards to be sure.

    We recommend getting a pair of semi-leather or leather pair for your drill work and sparring. These have more secure fastenings that slip-on shin guards and are best for maximising protection.

    Shin guards have an outer surface - typically made of semi-leather or leather - and an inner surface which is canvas, cotton or something similar. Between the two is the padding. Both the outer and inner surface need cleaning delicately with a mild chemical that will not seep through and damage the padding. We recommend spraying the outer surface with an anti-bacterial spray and wiping down gently, paying particular attention to any dirt or grime that may have accumulated from contact in training. Same can be done for the inside surfaces.

    For more details on how to clean your Muay Thai gear, check out our article on How to clean Muay Thai gear.