Muay Thai Techniques

Muay Thai Punches
Punching in Muay Thai is very similar to Boxing in terms of variety and mechanics. Learn about the different punches available in your arsenal and how to punch with power, speed and accuracy.
Muay Thai Defense
Muay Thai's alternative title The Art of 8 Limbs is not just a reference to the striking points in Muay Thai; it's also about the rich variety of defensive manoeuvres too.
Muay Thai Kicks
Kicks in Muay Thai can land at any area on the opponent from the thigh to the head, except the groin. There's not many to choose from but, if properly executed, they're swift and devastating.
Muay Thai Knees
Knees are some of the most powerful strikes in Muay Thai and help further differentiate it from other martial arts. Learn about the different types and how to generate speed and power with your knees.
Muay Thai Elbows
Elbows are devastating and can easily cut opponents. Learn about the different types of elbows and watch how to train and execute them properly.
Muay Thai Clinch
Clinching is a form of stand-up wrestling that helps further differentiate Muay Thai from other martial arts. Learn all about the various aspects of the Muay Thai clinch here.