SAFEJAWZ Intro Series Mouthguard - Fluro Yellow

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Mouthguards are crucial in Muay Thai for protecting your tongue, jaw and brain during sparring, fights and drill work. SAFEJAWZ are renowned for their high quality mouthguards which are suitable for a wide-variety of contact sports, including Muay Thai. They also continually create designs that help athletes express their personality.

Its Fluid Fit Technology means that SAFEJAWZ guards feature a super-slim profile and great retentive qualities. The guard will essentially clip onto the teeth & fit comfortably so that breathing, talking and drinking will not be a problem.

Jaw Secure also offers protection to the jaw and lower teeth. The pre-occluded base and raised impact pads on the bottom of the product act as a buffer to prevent damage from impact to the lower jaw.

Getting a perfect fit is easy with SAFEJAWZ. Remodel Tech ensures you can have multiple attempts to achieve the game-changing fit that we are so proud of.



  • Easy boil & bite fit
  • Case included
  • Not suitable for braces

Size Guide:

  • Youth - 11 and under
  • Adult - 12 +