Muay Thai doesn't require much in terms of mandatory apparel or uniform. Muay Thai shorts are the only real item of clothing considered a must have for competition and are encouraged for all those serious about learning the sport.

Often eye-catching and colourful, Muay Thai shorts are distinctly unique to the sport. Thanks to a growing number of brands producing Muay Thai shorts, you can find them available in a wide variety of designs, fits and materials, so you're bound to find a pair that suits your individual style and fit.

The growing choice does present a challenge when it comes to size and fit though. Few brands adhere to a universal sizing guide and what's a medium size in one brand is a small or large in another. This sometimes comes down to Thai sizes compared to European or USA sizes, but is usually due to each brand being slightly different to the next when it comes to size and fit. That's why it's important to understand the nuances of each brand as well as what your own personal preferences are.


It's all a matter of personal preference. It takes a while to recognise what you do and don't like when it comes to Muay Thai shorts and typically these preferences can change depending on the material, shape and size of the shorts. After wearing a few pairs through a variety of training sessions, you will come to realise what you like and what makes you feel most comfortable. Typically, personal preferences fall in to three categories:


Muay Thai shorts are typically shorter than your average short but some styles are shorter than others. Sometimes they are so short that, if rolled up a little, your underwear can show. Therefore, it's important to consider how long you want your shorts and, essentially, how much leg you want on show.


The waistband on Muay Thai shorts is designed to provide flex while minimising movement of your shorts. However, as most shorts have between 6-8 bands on their waistband, the positioning of the waistband can significantly influence comfort.

For some, having the waistband sit right at the top of their hips is most comfortable, others like one side higher than the other or one side rolled up entirely. The firmness of a waistband can influence positioning in this respect. In addition to comfort, this also plays into length preference too.


Colour, design and shape are all a matter of personal style. For many years, Muay Thai shorts came in very few colours and designs, however, this has changed in recent years and each season new designs and colourways are released.

This means there's always something to fit your personal style and individuality. Whether you like a minimalist, all black pair or a flamboyant pair with different materials and colours.


Each brand has their own pecularities when it comes to sizes, fit and materials. That's why having personal preferences helps you narrow down which shorts, and from which brands, work best for you. That's not to say you should stick to one brand but you should understand the differences to make sure you can find the right shorts for you from the various brands. Below are specific details on how some of the major brands style and shape their shorts and you can find more general guidance on fit, sizing and style here.


Fairtex are one of the oldest and most well known Muay Thai brands. For a while they stuck to a select number of designs and colourways across all their shorts and equipment, but this has changed in recent years. Now you will find a wider variety of designs, colours and materials on their shorts.

Their sizing is built around Thai sizes but their measurements table is accurate. They are among the longest of shorts and have wider leg openings than most. We don't recommend sizing up.



One of the newest and most innovative brands, Primo Fightwear is making big waves in the Muay Thai gear market. Inspired by 80/90s hip hop, bold colourways and unique materials, their shorts are among the most comfortable and eye-catching.

While their sizing table has labels more closely resembling European and US markets, Primo shorts are a little shorter and narrower than most. The side cuts make for easy movement but we often recommend sizing up for maximum comfort.



PRYDE is the sister company of the famous Petchyindee promotion and Muay Thai academy. Featuring eye catching designs, intricate embroidery and durable fabrics, PRYDE has quickly made a name for itself amongst fighters and fans worldwide.

PRYDE Muay Thai shorts are typically short and narrow, however, they feature a side cut as standard which makes for a more comfortable fit. Their Premium shorts range has a stiff waistband which some may prefer to roll over. Overall, their fit is true to size and their labels align with US and European markets.



Sandee is a well established staple in the Muay Thai market. Well built and durable, all their gear and shorts are designed to last.

Whenit comes to innovation variety of designs, Sandee does fall behind many other brands but they have a staple range which is always popular.

Their size table is somewhat unique as their labelling is different to all other brands, but the overall fit is very similar to Fairtex with longer and wider shorts. A flexible waistband helps you perfect how they sit on your hips to ensure maximum comfort.



Boon is a world-renowned Australian brand that manufacturers and operates in Thailand. They embody traditional artistic style with premium quality materialsm and craftsmanship. Their designs aren’t are flamboyant or modern as some, but many are timeless.

Their size chart is one of the few that adds an inch in size, rather overlapping, as the size goes up. They have a lost of elastic in the waistband so are prone to stretching out with use and wash. Length wise, they are typically short
like traditional Muay Thai shorts.



SKS Empire product both high quality Muay Thai goods and fights. Based in Thailand, their popularity has grown in recent years through exposure on One Championship to a global audience. Their designs typically blend traditional Thai art and culture with modern twists and colourways. 

Their size chart is a bit confusing first glance, as it is so heavily tailored towards Thai sizes that it can be difficult to identify where your perfect fit is. To make things easier, the first column on the size chart (“waist wide”) should be read as inches, not cm. We recommend going for the exact size as per the chart and expect their elastic to stretch a bit with wash and wear.



How do Thai shorts fit?
They should fit in a way that maximises freedom of movement and comfort. Comfort though, is subjective. As some people prefer their Muay Thai shorts to fit tightly around the naval or hips. Others prefer a looser fit. Some like one leg rolled up higher than the other. This preference will develop over time and after trying various pairs of shorts.

What's most important is that they don't restrict your movement. Nor should they come loose as you're striking and moving around.