What Is Primo Fight Wear?

What Is Primo Fight Wear? - Muay Thailand

At Muay Thailand, we are constantly on the look out for the latest innovators and creators of Muay Thai gear who can help Muay Thai fans maximise their training while showcasing their individual style. Our latest brand partner – Primo Fight Wear – does just that!


Primo Fighterwear Logo

Founded in 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand - the Mecca of Muay Thai - Primo Fight Wear has quickly established itself as a global player in the Muay Thai space. Their designs and craftsmanship push the boundaries of style and material selection for Muay Thai gear, resulting in products that are bold, durable and often unique.

Primo aspires to create products that bring beauty and diversity to the world of combat sports while honouring and paying homage to the various cultures that inspire us. Furthermore, they (like Muay Thailand) work hard to boost the popularity of the sport and seek to empower the current and next generation of athletes to get the global recognition they deserve.


Primo training

We are super excited to partner with Primo and right now we offer a wide range of Primo’s shorts, apparel and gloves. You can see all the Primo goods we have in stock at Muay Thailand here.