Shorts Size Guide

Besides the equipment for training and bouts, Muay Thai shorts are the only real “uniform” for Muay Thai. Easy to spot thanks to their unique shape, flamboyant designs and particular materials, Muay Thai shorts are a tradition of the sport and have evolved over the last decade or so, thanks to the growing number of Muay Thai focused brands.

They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and designs, so you can be sure to find something that fits your individuality. Yet, given the fact so many brands are new to the space and there is no standardised sizing globally, it’s easy to get your sizes mixed up. A size that might fit you perfectly in one brand may come up baggy or tight in another. That’s why we’ve put together this size guide, to help you understand the sizing of Muay Thai shorts better and easily identify what size, in which brands, is best for you. When thinking about Muay Thai shorts sizes, it’s important to consider three things: 1) waist size, 2) preferred length, 3) personal wear style.

Keep in mind that the size you are used to in jeans or trousers may not be the most comfortable in shorts. Due to the large amount of elastic ribbing in the waistband, you may find a smaller waist size works well. Alternatively, if you prefer to roll the waist band down, you may find a size up actually suits better.

Length of your shorts is very much a personal preference. Some people like them longer, others like short shorts. The shape of the shorts may influence this as many now come with a side cut which removes the flexibility restraints that longer shorts could have.

Do you like to roll the waist band? Do you like one side higher than the other as you prefer to show more of your power kick leg? Do you have the waist band sit low or right up past your belly button? It can take some different brands and styles to nail down what your personal wear style is but once you know, then sizing needs to be paid extra attention to.

Below you’ll find the official sizing for the brands whose shorts we stock, along with considerations worth noting based on customer experiences and feedback.


Fairtex do a great job of creating shorts that are consistently high quality and cater closely to US and European size preferences. This, coupled with the popularity of their brand for all types of Muay Thai gear, is a testament to their reliability and assured quality.

The waist band on Fairtex shorts is rarely too tight if you get your right size, meaning there is plenty of flexibility from the start, without them having to be “worn in”. Fairtex shorts can be purchased in many sizes past XL if need be.


Over recent years, Raja has significantly improved the variety of designs and availability of their shorts. Expanding globally with around 3 different shorts & gloves collections per year, Raja are pushing the envelope when it comes to unique designs and creativity in the Muay Thai space.

While their prices are typically lower than the more popular brands, their quality rivals the bigger brands. For Muay Thai fans, this means they can get more pairs of shorts for the same price as one pair of the higher priced, more popular branded pair of shorts, while enjoying different designs that suit their own style & individuality.

Their sizing though is more closely suited to the Thai market with the length typically shorter than the likes of Fairtex and others. Therefore, many European and US customers would consider their typical size as “short shorts”. Customer feedback in the UK supports this and so we would recommend getting the size above what you’re used to in other brands as their
waist sizing is a little tighter too.


A relatively new entrant to the Muay Thai equipment market, PRYDE has quickly made a solid impact through the significance of their parent company Petchyindee and it’s promotional reach. PRYDE’s designs are sleek with a distinct influence of clean streetwear. Despite being a young, growing brand, their quality and craftsmanship equals the more established and popular brands – for all products in their range, not just shorts.

Sizing of PRYDE’s shorts seem to be tailored more towards European and US sizing standards and, based on customer feedback, they are very true to fit (meaning their size chart is incredibly accurate even though the shorts do not provide a range for each size).

The waist band of their premium range can be stiff at first and users may find it more comfortable to fold over until it loosens up. Although this doesn’t seem to be the case for their Basic range.


Primo Fightwear is a young brand focused on bringing a streetwear and 90's hip-hop vibe to Muay Thai gear. Founded in 2020, Primo has quickly grown to be a global player thanks to their designs, unique construction materials and high quality craftsmanship - all of which are clearly evident on their shorts.

Sizing sits between Thai and European/US standards and their elasticated waistbands make for a consistently comfotable fit.